Agriturismo Casa Gioconda: index

Welcome to our Agritourism!

The farm is only 3 kms from the famous beaches of Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro, on the north-eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.
The farm, partly reclaimed at the beginning of the century, presents an age-old history.
In the first decades of the century, some families of farmers were given a prize for their loyalty: for over 450 years, they ahd been working at the service of the Toniatti Giacometti family.
The agricultural activity of the farm is various, characterized by cultivations fit to be sown, cultivation of pears and vineyards. The grapes produced in the farm are turned into wine in the farm's cellar, which boasts an over-four-century-long tradition, and gives life to a high quality wine production. Race-horse-breeding is what makes the farm internationally known. The high level of the stud-mare-breeding, thanks to a constant and clearly definded selection, is the starting point for the production of colts, which race in all the european racecourses.
The great outcome leads to the export of the seed of the best stallions of the stud.
The horses are free to graze on almost 100 hectares of land.
All this allows the farm to offer its guests an uncomparable and unique scenery of old times, when agriculture meant also environmental protection and respect.